JavaScript table display

These tables show how JavaScript can be used to create a scrollable table that can be sorted by column, positioned to a specified letter and filtered using combinations of words.

My CD list

I originally set this page up as I wanted a list of my CDs, but since then it has become more of an exercise in playing with Javascript to manipulate tables. By default, tables in web pages are static things but I wanted mine to scroll (leaving the headers and footers in place), be sortable by clicking on the column headings, be filterable using key words and automatically resize if the window size is changed. I also wanted a search function that would work across all of the tables.

I've also used the same scripts to create an AJAX page which saves and restores the table settings when swapping between tabs. For anybody interested, I've written some technical notes on how these pages were created.
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Ayre IBE Test CD

Ayre produced a test CD that includes two tracks with glide tones which are useful for determining if there is any variation in the frequency response of the system. The following calculations allow you to find out what frequency is being played at any time during the track, or at what time a particular frequency will be played.
Change Track Change Track
SpkF SpkS SpkB